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Branding tailored to your business.

n our plugged in tech world, most people think of advertising and marketing to mean mobile. However, to really grab attention, vividly printed window designs or interior shop signage can make a real-world impact.

The possibilities are endless. Think beyond mundane opening owners and your business name. Tap into your shop’s dynamic and your own creativity to conjure up window signage that helps you gain strong brand awareness that sets you apart from the competition.

Sydney’s Popular Types of Window Signage

Platinum Signs provides window sign and interior shop and office sign printing and installation services in Sydney. We have seen plenty of popular methods that Sydney shop owners employ to decorate both inside and outside their businesses. Examples:

Window stickers: single-use; once fastened to a surface, they cannot be repositioned.

Window decals: these have an adhesive backing that can be stuck to a window inside or outside. Window decals are semi-permanent – some adjustments are possible after adhering to a surface, but once tightly sealed, very difficult to reposition.

Clear window decal: completely clear except for the printed areas. These work great on storefront doors by allowing visibility both ways.

Opaque window decal: like the above, but opaque (looks like a frosted effect) in order to obscure visibility on both sides of the window.

Perforated window decal: these allow visibility one way. For example, to let you see from inside your business to outside, but not the other way around. This will allow you to maximize outdoor ad space (for your store hours, logo, special offers, etc) while still being able to see outside.

Static cling: these don’t have any adhesives, but rather attach through the static charge of the window. They can be easily removed and applied in a number of situations.

Be creative with your designs to herd customers through the door

Whether you’re just starting out or re-branding, our team can get your premises looking their best. We can customise your office/shop windows for added privacy and provide in-house signage.

Harness this powerful marketing opportunity to convey highly vivid and attention-grabbing messages. No matter whether you need permanent signage or temporary promotion designs – Platinum Signs can put your windows to work.

Follow these three design tips to plan out the best signs for your business requirements:

Choose compelling colors

Color plays a huge part in a good design; some studies show that 80% of the recognition of a brand is because of its color. Beware of trendy colors, which might not be suitable over a longer period of time – today’s trend might be tomorrow’s joke.

Enhance contrast for readability

Most Sydney storefront signs are printed with either text or graphics in the foreground, against a continuous background color. The contract between the background and foreground is critical to help the viewer retain the information being conveyed.

For this reason, dark colors against light backgrounds are popular. Black on white works well, as does a reverse contrast, like white on blue. While matching similar tones can diminish readability, this can be overcome by adding a drop shadow or outline to text or graphics.

Make sure to choose the right size

The larger the lettering, the easier it is going to be to read – especially important if designing signs that will be viewed from significant distances (such as at trade shows).

A good rule to follow is to allow 10 feet of viewing distance for each inch of letter height. Therefore, lettering that is 5 inches high should be viewable from a distance of 50 feet.

Note also that fonts affect readability as well. For example, if you choose something that is intricate and flowery, it might be hard to read from a distance.

Window & Interior Shop or Office Signage
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