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Why invest in Outdoor Signage

Why invest in Outdoor Signage

We may be living in the digital age but having a strong marketing strategy in “the real world” is just as important and impactful as in the internet. Especially if you’re counting on your customers physically coming into your store, your traditional business signage is still just as important as a website or even social media presence.

Although the saying says not to judge a book by its cover, many studies show that the most effective tool for bringing in new customers and have your business recommended to others is with quality signage.

Basically, it allows a concentrated group of potential customers to see and gradually recognise and trust your brand by having it part of their daily routine. People tend to shop where they live. How can you make this work in your favour? Consider all of your options.

You can reach a very wide audience just by optimizing the different kinds of signs. For instance, to make sure that drivers notice where you are and what you sell, you can have an amazing Aluminium Composite (ACM) panel with your business’ name, logo and slogan, depending on the space available, you can even include your contact info there.

Window Graphics is another brilliant way to catch the eye of a customer with a short attention span, you can have very detailed designs that make your business look beautiful as well as professional. And if the front of your store is made of glass, you can install a One-Way Vision Film, getting a similar effect as the Wall Art and creating a better shopping experience once the customer is inside your store, since these films can reduce the solar glare and heat.

Smaller signage is also great to communicate with passers-by, depending on the size of the pavement, they may need to crane their necks to get the full view of your panel. Banner flags are very eye-catching since they can sway with the wind, and A-Frames are perfect to advertise daily deals, since you can change the poster inside easily.

There are many different kinds of signs that you can choose from to make sure people remember your business when they pass by it, just consider the design needs for each one to get the attention you want, see more examples of business signage here.