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Vehicle Signage for Your Business

Vehicle Signage for Your Business

Vehicle Signage is, in some ways, a lot like getting a tattoo on your face: it shows commitment and is available in a variety of custom designs, both qualities that are very important when considering effective marketing tools to boost your business.

In all seriousness, vehicle wrapping is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools available today. Essentially, the design needs to follow a few key principles in order to be eye-catching and informative:

The design:

While it can be tempting to create a design as attention-seeking as ever, you really need to start by knowing your audience and your product before you work on bringing those two together. Take care to create a focal point, make sure it looks like it belongs to your brand, logo, shop and, if you have one, website.

The colours:

Same as the design, it’s important that all your advertising look like they belong together. You can create contrasts that will naturally draw people’s attention just for being beautiful, and for that to happen though, you need to have a quality printer. Nothing like mismatched designs and colours to peel off that professional image your trying to build.

The message:

Think of one of biggest brands that use vehicle signage: Coca-Cola. You probably already visualized that classy brand logo against that trade-marked red. And that’s it. Sure, you might be thinking, but Coca-Cola is a giant company, and we’ll tell you that yes, and with the right advertising, you can be too. Make your message short and sweet so it’s not cut in half when people drive past, with a great design and colour scheme, you can stick to people’s memories and have them google you to get to know more.

Plus, vinyl wrapping is excellent for your vehicle itself. Whether it’s a car, truck, bus, van, etc, the paint gets protected from rain and harsh UV rays, while maintaining a sleek design made with high quality material.

However, it’s important to note that the commitment of getting a vehicle wrap means you want it done exactly how you visualize it, which is why Platinum Signs can give you a personalized quote that takes in consideration the design and shape of the vinyl film, plus the size and model of your car and the size of your fleet. We offer competitive prices and excellent service in printing and installation. Give us a call!