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We are just as passionate in creating amazing projects for clients regardless the size of your fleet, one off projects are often unique and inspirational.

Small fleet

We offer very competitive prices on small fleets, talk to our designer team to create a successful campaign or long term branding exposure.

Large Projects

Our assurance that you can always expect the highest quality and consistency on colours and delivering projects on time, causing the least possible disruption to normal business activities. Having a strong network of installers we can handle successfully large fleets nationwide.

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Who We Are?

PLATINUM SIGNS is specialised in vehicle wrapping, working along with design agencies and client to achieve amazing one off projects or multiple vehicles in a national level roll out. Our head workshop based in Brookvale, Northern Beaches in Sydney has fantastic capabilities to wrap from smaller vehicles to boats, trucks, van, you name it. We are continually expanding our services, based upon the trust we get from offering consistence to our clients, using the best printing vinyl film in the market and the latest technologies in the printing industry. We have award designers that can create eye catching and efficient brand awareness to businesses from across a wide range. Call us now on 1300 448 608 or send us an email with your enquire.

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Vehicle Wrapping

Car wrapping and car signage are terms used to describe the art of completely or partially wrapping a vehicle in an advertisement-oriented coating to create what is essentially a mobile billboard. Platinum Signs using modern technology to fasten large vinyl sheets as decals to vehicles. These sheets can easily be removed, drastically reducing the costs of keeping advertisements fresh and up to date.

Platinum Signs can set up any sized fleet with custom made branding wraps and decals. Our wraps can weather the soaring heat or beating rain. They take less time to apply than painting and, if needed, can be replaced quickly and easily. Cost-effective, our wraps will protect the resale value of your fleet. Great for small businesses to take advantage of spaces seen every day by potential customers all over town. Apart from advertising, vinyl vehicle wraps may also be used as a cheaper and easier option than painting.

Key benefits include:
  • Very high visibility
  • Any size of vehicle can be wrapped
  • Promote your message wherever you drive
  • A very cost-effective form of advertising, compared to other methods
  • Depending on where you drive, vehicle wraps can get thousands of impressions every day

Vehicle Wrapping Key features

There is likely no cheaper method of changing the colour of your vehicle than by using vinyl wrapping. There is a huge collection of materials to choose from, such as the very popular carbon fibre wrapping and 3M vinyl wrap – digitally printable sheets that can easily bring a fresh new look to your vehicle. 3M wrapping comes in myriad gloss, matte, brushed metal and carbon fiber styles, offering textured films that can be applied right out of the box.

Here are some other key things to know about vehicle wrapping and car signage:
  • Doesn't hurt paint jobs: Platinum Signs vehicle wraps use removable adhesives that will not harm your car’s original paint. In fact, many of our customers choose to wrap their vehicles in order to preserve the resale value – when time to sell the car, remove the wrap to reveal the intact paint job that looks like new.
  • Lifespan of vehicle wrap: Typically, Platinum Signs vehicle wraps will not fade, crack or peel for up to 5 years. The exact life expectancy can usually be determined on the product sheet of the vinyl wrap you intend to purchase.
  • Graphic window safety: Rear window graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl. From the outside people will see sharp designs; from the inside of the car, you’ll see a clear view of the street. These may not legally be applied to front or side windows.
  • Things that cannot be wrapped: Vinyl wrap cannot be applied to fiberglass or chrome bumpers, as the quality of adherence is weak. Hubcaps, wheels and rims cannot be wrapped for the same reason.

Vehicle wrapping key steps

Here are the key steps that happen when you come in for a vehicle wrapping with Platinum Signs:
  • Choose the Vinyl: Prices vary depending on the type of vinyl chosen and the difficulty in wrapping a particular car.
  • Prep the Paint: Address minor scratches and rust – anything less than perfect smoothness will show up like craters after the vinyl is applied.
  • Remove mirrors: Cut down on wrapping labor time by removing the car’s mirrors and molding – removing is a lot easier than trying to work around protrusions.
  • Stick on the vinyl: Peel off the adhesive and start sticking some vinyl onto one of the sides of the car. Vinyl should ideally be smoothed out with a squeegee.
  • Stretch out the vinyl: Platinum Signs uses heat guns to get the vinyl to stretch.
  • Cut off edges: Use a utility knife to trim the vinyl without cutting into the paint.
  • Smooth over seams: Sometimes they can be avoided, but on many larger trucks, seams are inevitable, and requires expertly precise work to apply correctly.

Call the experts now on 1300 448 608 or drop us an email

Call the experts now on 1300 448 608 or drop us an email