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Choose from an affordable selection of designs and photographs for your Wall Mural. Get your own high resolution, easy to install and remove Wall Art.

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Platinum Signs specialises in wall murals for your home or business and are amazing ways of creating a unique space for yourself. We use Photo Tex™ or Neschen Easy Dot print vinyl to give you high clarity and aesthetics for your selection of colour prints and photographs. Our wall murals can be used for long term features or temporary displays alike and you will be surprised at how cheap it is to install, even on your own, depending on the size. These are the key points about our wall murals:-

  • Our Wall Murals are printed on Photo Tex™ polyester or Neschen Easy Dot print vinylwhich are high quality block-out material that can cover base colours
  • Digital prints are full colour and high-resolution for clear and attractive details of your photos
  • You can opt for self-installation to cut costs as our wall murals are easy to install on your own!
  • Our Wall Murals are also easy to remove with no adhesive residue when you take down the installation
  • Carefully stored, you can move the wall mural around and reuse the prints whenever and wherever you like. Please reuse the original backing paper to protect and maintain the quality of the wall mural print.
  • Our Wall Murals come in square or rectangular shapes and are suitable for most surfaces provided they are clean and smooth.

Our designers will help you to ensure the quality of your graphics and images and come up with a sample for how your image will look as a wall mural for you to get a good idea of the final outcome! If you have been thinking about how you can spruce up an area of your home and office, then perhaps you could think about our wall murals to fit that bill.

There are many high-quality and high-resolution images available on websites such as www.shutterstock.com.au, if you like any images you find there, send us the code via email to info@platinumsigns.com.au and we will download it free of charge for you. Some other websites you may want to look through include fotolia.com, patterndesigns.com.

Yes. Our Wall Murals are very suited to internal glass or windows. Do take note that in extreme cold (below 4 °C) and extreme heat (above 23 °C), the coating of the Wall Mural may leave a residue on the glass surface that will need special attention when removing or cleaning.

The largest width we print is 1320mm and our recommended width is between 1000mm to 1200mm so that it’s easier to install, especially if you are opting to DIY setting up the Wall Mural in your home and office. Larger sizes are possible but will be made up of multiple joins to form the final graphic or design.

The Wall Mural does not require lamination. Our Wall Murals are printed on Photo Tex™ polyester or Neschen Easy Dot print vinyl, they adhere easily to the walls but do not leave residuals when removing.

Upon receiving your artwork proof, we need the graphics and layout to be confirmed before going ahead to print. This could be as quick as 24 hours if everything is in order!