Posters are a simple and effective indoor and outdoor marketing material. Get your own custom sized poster made with high quality Yupo FPU material.

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As little as $80 +GST per m2

We can produce your posters in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off. 

< $1001 + GST: 24 Hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off.
< $2001 + GST: 3 working days after artwork proof sign off.
< $4001 + GST: 4 working days after artwork proof sign off.

< $7001 + GST: 5 working days after artwork proof sign off.
< $10001 + GST: 6 working days after artwork proof sign off.

** The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.

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With so many available materials for printing your marketing collateral, the humble poster should not be taken for granted! Platinum Signs prides itself in giving you a high quality print with bright and vibrant colours that will catch the attention of your customers and clients! Whether used indoors as point of sale flyers or outdoor shop signage, or maybe even to advertise your upcoming launches and events, our Posters are a great marketing solution for any business product or service in Australia!

  • Full digital printing with HP Latex Printers in high resolution colour on 200 gsm Yupo FPU material
  • Yupo FPU material provides ultra smooth and bright white contrast to your design with waterproofing and resistance to fading due to UV exposure and tearing
  • No lamination needed
  • Minimum size: 250mm by 250mm
  • Maximum size: 3000mm by 1550mm

Speak to us about your marketing idea and let our designers assist you with appropriate graphics or text if you need some inspiration. At Platinum Signs, we aim to help you with all of your physical advertising and marketing needs. Drop us a line to speak with our sales consultants and designers and print amazing copies for your business initiatives today!

Yupo FPU is made of new generation, 100% recyclable, synthetic paper that is obtained from extracting material from polypropylene pellets. It is a new alternative to regular paper and has many benefits over such traditional medium including resistance to tearing, chemical resistance and UV exposure resistance so it will provide you with long-lasting quality. The natural aesthetic of Yupo FPU material is its stark white colour which provides a high contrast to your digital print colours and makes your design really ‘pop’!

Both our paper and Yupo FPU material are used for their high ink adhesion properties. Using our HP Latex printers and Premium UV Ink, we are able to produce a print quality with exceptional scratch resistance. They also have high stiffness and anti-curl characteristics to give you a first-rate Poster finish.

We do not advise Yupo posters to be used in scrolling applications. They are best used in static forms and advertising positions.

Platinum Signs rolls your posters in a sturdy and durable cardboard tube to prevent creasing and damage to your print during transit.