Luxury Pull Up Banners

Whether at a showroom, or at an exhibition, or trade show, or even for popup booths, get your sturdy, luxury stand, banner, pole and carry bag here!

As little as $169 +GST per unit
Production only takes 24 hours for orders of up to 10. Our Luxury Premium Pull up Banners are sleek and eye-catching, an amazing marketing product because they are very simple to read and can be set up and taken apart in a few minutes. Lightweight and easy to carry with the carry bag that comes along. Available in a variety of sizes, the graphic is printed onto a special scuff proof polypropylene material that's made especially for roller banners and we use solvent inks that are fade resistant.
Fast production. Delivery country wide for only $14.90 per order.
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Luxury Pull Up Banners are a classy way to decorate and advertise your brand around your booth or setup. Whether at a showroom, or at an exhibition or trade show, or even for popup booths, you can’t be shy about splashing your business and company at your location. Our Luxury Pull up Banners are constructed with a sturdy and solid base so that your banner can be anchored securely to its spot. It comes with a silver or black finish for that elegant touch! It is very sturdy from the solid construction of the base. Platinum Signs offers you full colour digital printing with UV Inks

  • Prints are on high quality anti-curl (lay-flat) polyester banner materials with a blockout layer to provide a solid standout graphic for your marketing collateral
  • Indoor use recommended but we offer options for treatment to the banner to preserve your print from UV exposure and to provide more water resistance
  • Satin finish of print media
  • Luxury Stand, Banner, pole and carry bag are all included whtn you order our Luxury Pull UP Banners
  • 2 options available in silver and balck
    • 850mm wide stands - 4.5kgs, 930mm by 190mm by 100mm
    • 1200mm wide stands - 6.4kgs, 1290mm by 210mm by 100mm
  • 3 year warranties available for your Luxury Pull Up Banner

With our Luxury Pull Up Banners, you are sure to be able to draw the attention to your booth and inform people about what you have to offer! Reach out to our Sales personnel to find out more about the different options that are available to complement your event or booth!

The Premium Pull Up Banner and the Luxury Pull Up Banner have similar banner prints attached to a stand. The Stand itself is where the difference lies. The Premium Pull Up Banner model has a stronger spring and is suited for short term usage. The warranty provided for the Premium Pull Up Banner is only 1 year whereas the warranty given for our Luxury Pull Up Banner is for 3 years. The Luxury Pull Up Banner is also built stronger and sturdier and we recommend this model especially if you are going to be extensively using your Pull Up Banner and or transporting your banners interstate.

Our Luxury Pull Up Banner stands are designed for mainly indoor use. While the banners are water resistant, they may catch the wind and the Luxury Pull Up Banner may be affected by adverse weather. In good conditions, a number of customers have used it with great success, but at their own risk.

Unfortunately we are only able to supply Luxury Pull Up Banners as one whole and complete unit. The process to change out the banners has a great chance for damage of the springs and the process is complicated. It is more costly to replace the banners than it is to print and provide a totally new one.