Construction Signs

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Need custom construction signs or standard safety signs? Promote your business (and safety) on your work sites. Full colour printing on sturdy 5mm corrugated plastic. Huge bulk discounts available, try our instant pricing calculator for exact figures!

Important: Please advise if you require a specific flute direction. Otherwise the flute direction will be decided according to our best yield.

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Full Colour Digital Printing
  • Printed onto 5mm
  • Custom Sizes Available

Q. How long will my order for Corflute signs take to produce?

We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off. 

Q. How long do Corflute corrugated plastic signs last?

It all depends on the UV Exposure, however our new generation Corflute corrugated plastic and advanced printing technology has increased the life expectancy of digitally printed corrugated plastic signs by about 30%. If the signs are always outdoors and exposed to UV, the life expectancy has increased from around 12 months to over 15 months. If they are indoors they will last for years!

Q. Should I specify the direction of the flutes?

It is important to let us know if you need the flutes to run in a particular direction. This could apply if you are using the Corflute sign with ground spikes (in which case you would need vertical flutes so the spikes can slide into the flutes), or if you are attaching the Corflute sign to a single vertical post or telegraph pole (in which case you would need horizontal flutes to provide extra strength and prevent the Corflute sign bending around the pole). If you do not specify a flute direction the signs will be made with the flute direction that provides us with the best yield.